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Silver Cloud Farm is a small scale farm that follows the principals of organic farming, and focuses on producing a wide array of vegetables, berries and fruit. Our goal is to grow premium quality, fresh produce that is harvested at the peak of perfection. Although the farm is a year round occupation, the primary months of selling produce are May through to the end of December. 

Silver Cloud Farm is located one hour west of Victoria near Sooke, BC on the stunning West Coast of Vancouver Island.

 Teresa Willman and Matt Robertson, live on the farm with their two children Kaidyn and Jasmine. The name Silver Cloud is homage to the Great Grand Parents who settled in Victoria and on Salt Spring Island at the turn of the century. Their boat, Silver Cloud, was used for transportation between the Gulf Islands.



Silver Cloud Farm was originally part of the Malahat Farm. It was one of the first turn of the century homesteads that made a living farming the land and milling lumber. The original farmhouses are still next door and are living history of the area.

When we acquired the farm, there were no fields, homes or infrastructure on the property. Some selective logging had already occurred leaving many large stumps, rocks and debris. It became very apparent that we knew little of developing land for a home, not to mention a farm. With the help of neighbours, friends and good contractors we built a yurt, cleared areas for the farm and brought in two roads and power lines. In 2009 and 2010, our two children Kaidyn and Jasmine were born and a house was built to accommodate our family.

When we first acquired our property, the soil was tested and showed very low nutrient levels. We realized quickly that we would need to build up nutrients in the soil by composting and cover cropping prior to farming. After summers spent in the bush tree planting, we would move back to the farm in the winter and resume work on the property. It took about three years for the soil to become fertile and in 2007 Silver Cloud Farm was open for business. 

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